Kohlswa, cast steel blacksmith and farrier anvils
Blacksmith & Farrier Anvils
300 pound Kohlswa anvil photo courtsey Jock Dempsey 
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Manufactured by Kohlswa Gjuteri AB, Kohlsva, Sweden for more than 70 years. The material in Kohlswa anvils is a special alloy steel, developed specifically for anvils. Through heat treatment, the anvil face is hardened to approximately 55 HRC.

For many years Kohlswa anvils were imported to North America by the Swedish-American Company. Then in the early 1960's Bill Pieh of Centaur Forge began importing Kohlswa anvils. Kohlswa manufactured the Centaur brand anvil until the mid 1980's when Centaur stopped importing them under their name.

Kohlswa manufactures ten different styles of anvil including standard American and London farrier and blacksmith patterns, American and European double horn patterns and clip horn styles and a sawyers anvil. Weights range from 22 to 310 pounds (10 to 141 kg).


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